Saturday, May 05, 2007

The End of One Adventure, The Beginning of Another

I cannot believe it! I am done with classes...FOREVER! Bwaahh-haaa-haa! One week from today I will walk with my cap and gown and finally get my MFA in Theatre-Performance, which I have been working towards for three years. It is so very hard to believe it's all over. When you've spent so much time with the same people learning the same things and then suddenly it's over, it's a very strange feeling. It's almost anti-climactic in a way. Suddenly, we're having our last class and you can't believe that you're all about to go your separate ways. And, yet at the same time, it's obviously a relief to finally be done and have other things to look forward to. And, as much as I love each of my 12 classmates, it's kind of nice to finally get a break from some of the ones I'm not as close to (is that mean to say?).

We have one final project together before we part ways. We will be doing a showcase for agents and casting directors in Los Angeles. I don't know what, if anything will come out of it, but it's exciting.

I have some very exciting opportunities ahead. I'm already doing a show in my hometown; I've been offered an Equity contract at a theater in Utah; and there are also possible gigs in both Minnesota and California. I plan on making the city I live in my home base.

Jonah and I actually went house hunting this morning. Jonah really wants a house. I personally don't care if we live in a house or an apartment, but a house is very important to him and since he's the one who's footing the majority of the bill at this point, if he wants a house, I guess that's his priority. I'm more interested in being together than in where we actually live. I wish I made more money. I do wish I could contribute more. After all, I want it to feel like our place rather than his place and that I am just renting. Do you know what I mean? The houses we looked at seemed so large to me. I mean, they were gorgeous, but far more spacious than I thought was necessary. After all, it's not like either of us have tons of stuff (although he probably has more than I do). But I also know we're buying a place for the future, not just for today.

Buying a house seems very overwhelming to me. It's certainly out of my price range. I can barely afford the apartment I live in. But Jonah feels he can afford one, and it's as important for him to achieve that dream as my acting career is to me, so I feel I have to support him in that. I suppose it's a good investment.

We also started talking about what should happen if something should happen to either of us, power-of-attorney, that sort of stuff. Scary, but exciting.

Three or four days ago I was in the swimming pool at my apartment complex. I've lived here in three years and have probably used it ten times because I've always been so busy. Anyway, I was swimming all by myself and thought about a time my first week when I very first moved here when I was swimming by myself excited for the adventure of graduate school that lay ahead. This time I thought about who I was then and who I am now. I never quite imagined my life would change the way it has.

It's been a fabulous adventure and so worth it. I have learned so much and am so happy right now. I am truly eager for what lies ahead. It feels weird, though. A very important chapter in my life is closing. But like a really good book, I am looking very forward to the next one.


Silus Grok said...

Here's one vote (such as it is) for Salt Lake City!

Silus Grok said...

Here's one vote for Salt Lake City!

: )

Kengo Biddles said...

Can I say I hate you?


-L- said...

Oh how I loved the feeling of being done with classes forever. Now. If only I could be done with tests forever. Sigh. I have to take yet another board examination soon.