Monday, May 19, 2014

Indiana: Vacation Of My Dreams...NOT!

Never once in my life have I ever said to myself, "You know where I'd really like to go?  Ft. Wayne, Indiana."  Yet that's exactly what I'm doing in about three weeks.

About two months ago, Jonah's sister (not his biological sister, but she was pretty much raised by Jonah's parents when her real mother abandoned her) asked Jonah's mom if she would come to Indiana (where Jonah's sister lives) for her daughter's graduation.  Jonah's mom doesn't travel much because of her health nor does she have the finances to make such a trip, but she did express interest in going.  Jonah knew the only way she would go is if he went and he wanted me along for moral support.  Jonah's sister paid for Mom's ticket, and Jonah and I paid for our own.

Believe me, the last thing I want to do is take this trip.  Besides not being remotely interested in visiting Fort Wayne, I find Jonah's sister extreeeeeemely high maintenance.  She is super needy, oversensitive, creates drama wherever she goes, and has no tact or sense of decorum whatsoever.  She is exhausting to spend time with.  Were it not for my love for my husband, I would not be making this trip.  And were it not for the love of his mother, I don't think Jonah would, either.  I actually get the feeling Jonah's mom would like to back out at this point, too, but the tickets are nonrefundable. 

We're going to be there for four days, and I'm already exhausted by the idea.  I think it's going to be a very long four days.

Besides trying to convince Jonah's mother, who is quite a proud woman, that she will need a wheelchair to get around the airport, we will have to deal with Jonah's high-maintenance sister and her family.

She had the nerve to ask us to help pay for her groceries while we're there.  This is the same woman who demanded we feed her when she was staying with us when Jonah's dad's funeral was happening.  Never mind that we've each spent $500 to fly to Indiana and still have a hotel and rental car to pay for.  She also is expecting Jonah's mom to cook for a party which she has invited 150 people to even though we have specifically told her that Mom is in no condition to do so (not to mention the fact that Mom doesn't want to cook while she is on vacation).

She is also hurt we're staying in a hotel rather than with her.  Never mind that she lives in a small apartment and that Mom can't do steps (plus we don't want to stay with her while we're there).

I think she is expecting us to be visiting with her a lot, but that is not our plan.  We'll be at the graduation and the party and even bring a platter of some sort, but we also just want Mom to have a little trip that is stress free, and Jonah's sister can cause a lot of stress.

Now Jonah's mom is trying to back out because Jonah's sister is driving her crazy.  Jonah is trying to remind her that this is about her grandchild, not her daughter.  If Mom backs out, I'm going to lose it.

So not looking forward to this trip.  I think I'd rather get a root canal.