Sunday, October 07, 2007


I just wanted to say that I was really touched during Joseph B. Wirthlin's talk, not so much by what he said about charity, but by how the simple act of Russell M. Nelson supporting his fellow apostle when he began to falter physically illustrated Elder Wirthlin's points even more strongly than his actual words did. It reminded me that actions speak far louder than words. And Elder Wirthlin's tenacity to say what he had to say in spite of his physical limitations made me admire his conviction and endurance. Again, actions speak louder than words.

Jeffrey Holland's talk was fun. Basically, it was a well-worded, but strong statement that Mormons are, indeed, Christians, and anyone who doesn't think so needs to get to know us better.

Overall, I found many of the talks good, but nothing particularly spoke to me this time around (except, of course, the incident that occurred with Brother Wirthlin while he was trying to give his talk).

Jonah and I are doing well, although we miss each other very much while we are apart. House hunting is going more slowly than I had originally expected, but we have some prospects at least.

I'm in a show I've always wanted to do and enjoying it immensely.

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Business and laziness is really what it amounts to.

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