Friday, November 06, 2009

Obituary For A Friend

Yesterday I took an old, reliable friend who's been with me through many momentous times in my life and sold her for a fraction of what she was worth to me. It made me feel dirty and depressed, and yet I knew it had to be done. I am talking, of course, about my 1997 Saturn SL1, the first car I ever owned myself and one that I have had for nearly ten years.

I remember when I bought her. I had two jobs at the time, and after test driving serveral cars, I knew she was the one for me. She was used, but she was great, and most of all, she was mine. She cost me $11,000. and only had 54,000 miles on her.

I paid her off relatively quickly and was so happy when the day came when I finally owned her free-and-clear. She was a terrific and dependable car and lived and traveled with me for almost a decade. She saw me through graduate school; traveled with me to many spots in Utah, Nevada, and California; took me on many job auditions and, subsequently, many jobs; she was there for many enjoyable talks I had with fellow passengers, including good friends, family members, and my now husband; and she took me on so many adventures. I loved her very much.

Sadly, the last year of her life was a hard one. After nearly nine years of no problems whatsoever, she began to ail. First she started burning oil at a very quick rate, and I was told I could either repair the problem at a cost of $2-3,000, which I could not afford, so I just kept filling her with oil. Then, on a terrific trip to LA, as I was coming back home, her timing belt broke and she died. I was able to get her repaired, but, of course, the oil problems persisted. Then her muffler and spark plugs needed replacing and her fuel injection needed cleaning. It seemed to me that the money I was putting into her would actually be better spent in buying another, more reliable, vehicle, and since I do travel often and I knew I would rather buy a new car than fix the main problem, the oil waste, I decided it was time to look for a new car.

It's silly, especially since I know cars are inanimate objects, but looking for another car almost felt like I was cheating on my old car. After all, she'd always been there for me, had been completely reliable until relatively recently, and was still running well enough to get me from point A to point B. But I feared she would let me down, and I knew I had to find something I could depend upon.

Perhaps because of my fondness for my old car, I found another Saturn (this time a 2000 SL1) for $7,000 with 73,000 miles on it. It would have been nice to get a newer car or one with less miles on it, but this is what I could afford now, and I test drove it yesterday and liked it very much. In some ways, it's actually in better condition than my old car was when I bought it. So I bought it. Carmax, who I bought it from (and who I was quite impressed with overall) offered to buy my old car. I was only able to get $250 for my baby, which seemed like a slap in the face, but the used car industry isn't doing well, my old car has some problems that will make it harder to sell, and I don't have time to sell it privately or shop sround for other offers, so I took what I could get.

As they removed her license plates, I could almost hear her weeping, crying out, "Why are you abandoning me?" I hope she knows how much I loved her, and I hope whoever gets her next will find as much joy in owing her as I did. I hope she gets a good home (the thought of her being demolished and used for parts absolutely horrifies me; I'm glad I don't have to know).

The new Saturn drives really well and is a nice car. It has power locks and a CD player, too, which my old car did not have, so that's a nice addition. In many ways, the new car is very much like my old one; so much so that to make myself feel better, I've decided that the spirit of my old car is inhabiting this new one. It's so stupid, but it's comforting.

Weird how I get attached to inanimate objects. I'm very sentimental about things. Jonah jokingly told me he hopes I feel as strongly about him when I have to put him in a home. lol


Hops For Heart said...

Hey my friend!
I'm LDS too! I found you while trying to Google my own Blogger acct so I thought I'd make friends.
Mine is
and I also have a presence on youtube under:
Feel free to visit both. I try to put the "things of great worth to God" on my blog just as well as I do on you tube. Do get in touch with me and lemme know what you think of both!
BTW, I have a cousin who is also gay and he feels the same that you do about the Gospel of Jesus Christ so you're aces in my book!
BTW, my name is Josh and not just TheLdsLife... lol
Your brother in Christ,
Josh Nelson

Hops For Heart said...

Hi! I found your page while trying to Google mine. LOL... I have a blogger too. its
I also have a youtube:
Feel free to find me on both.

And I read your blog little so I just want you to be aware that I also have a cousin who also become a homosexual and he also loves the Lord. I notice that you also are an actor and I too, one day, want to be an actor. When I move back to Oregon, I'll get that going.
I set up an acting pages on blogger as well as

Look forward to hearing from you. I hope you enjoy my blog also! I put messages there that I don't have the room to write on my YouTube so its almost like my "favorite lessons" of the Book of Mormon and "youtube videos" that I enjoyed the most, etc.

Regards Josh Nelson aka Quin Taylor (my acting and stage name)

The Faithful Dissident said...

I remember when my parents traded in their 1984 Dodge Caravan for a shiny new 1990 Plymouth Voyageur. I cried. We have a photo at home with everyone standing in front of the new van with big smiles -- except for my tear-stained frown.

LOL, you and I really ARE alike. :D

Andy Foree said...

I totally understand. I just bought my first car this last year...but then it was murdered-by another car. I had a funeral service for Jamie and everything. It was a sad sad day.