Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Laugh For The Day

Today before Sunday School officially started, the instructor asked if any of us had any good news to share. I guess he's had some depressing things happen to him this week and wanted those of us having good things happen in our lives to share them to serve as a sort of pick-me-up for him.

No lie, the very first thought that rushed in to my head was how great I think it is that gay people are finally being able to legally wed in New York. If that's not great news, I don't know what is.

I chuckled to myself as I thought how funny the reactions would be if I were to say such a thing in Sunday School. I actually don't think the instructor would have minded, but I'm sure there would have been some shocked faces in the crowd. It actually kind of gave me the giggles.

The next thought that ran through my head (again no lie) was how grateful I am that that stupid "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" law will be history soon.

These were the things I was feeling thankful for today, and in my mind, they are two pieces of very good news. Of course, I remained silent like a good excommunicated member, but the image of my sharing those two pieces of good news with my fellow Sunday Schoolers tickled me so.

The lesson, by the way, was on witnesses and was pretty good. I genuinely like this instructor's lessons, although I didn't feel the congregants were participating as much as usual.

Sacrament Meeting was on gratitude, and the two speakers (my former bishop and his wife) were excellent.

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J G-W said...

Wow, just goes to show how dangerous those kinds of invitations can be.

Part of my really deep down inside hopes that you weren't the only one in the room quietly thinking those two news items were great news that might be worth sharing in Sunday School...