Monday, August 22, 2011

And Now For Something Gross

So I have been feeling under the weather the last couple of weeks off and on. One day I'll feel fine, and then the next day I'll feel terrible, and then just when I feel I'm rebounding, the cycle starts over again.

My symptoms have primarily consisted of joint aches (the kind one gets when they have the flu) and general fatigue. Sometimes, however, there has also been congestion and fever.

On Friday a new element appeared. It hurt to swallow, and gave me a painful sensation seemingly deep inside my ear that felt like an ear infection. I finally decided to have myself checked out by a doctor.

So he looks in my ear and doesn't see anything. Next he examines my throat and says, "Whoa, you've got a giant canker sore on your tonsil.

I am surprised that I even have a tonsil since I got mine out when I was eleven, but lo and behold, my tonsils have grown back (at least partially), which apparently is not as uncommon as I believed it was. I have no idea how long I have actually had my newly-discovered tonsils, but I assume they have been there a while.

Anyway, the doctor said that, really, the best thing to do was to let the canker run its course. Anyway, today my throat felt even worse (I couldn't even sleep last night because it hurt to swallow), so I went to another doctor for a second opinion. Lo and behold, I actually have a second canker growing on my tonsil behind my tongue. I was also running a 100 degree fever. Anyway, I've been tested for a couple of viruses and should get the results soon. In the meantime, my doctor prescribed me some antibiotics (in case it isn't a virus) and gave me some lidocaine which I gargle with some Maalox, and that does ease the pain somewhat.

In any case, I would not wish these two canker sores on my worst enemy. It has really been quite painful. Eating yogurt today was a feat! In fact, I haven't eaten much today because it hurts so much. One website said, "One of the most painful types of canker sores you get is a canker sore in the tonsil," and I am finding that to be true.

Fortunately, I tested negative for strep throat and, happily, these sores have not affected my ability to sing and act, which of course, is very important for my job. But I have felt pretty crappy all week and today, in particular.

Anyway, here's some photos of one of my canker sores (the other, more painful, one is behind my tongue and was too hard to photograph. Both cankers are about the same size (slightly smaller than a dime), and they suck!

That white spot down right of my uvula is canker #1. Canker # 2 is below right of it, behind my tongue, but proved too difficult to photograph.

Here is a closeup of canker #1 (I think these two cankers are the largest I have ever had in my life):

Another closeup of canker #1 (the white mass down right of my uvula):

TMI? Probably.


Miguel said...

Oh man, that looks painful, no matter what caused it. I hope you start feeling better soon!

A.J. said...

that sucks hope you feel better soon

Devon Raphael said...

I am presently going through the same thing, even right down to my tempiture not going higher than101. I don't mean to embarrass you or get too personal but I need help.
Did you get a rash on your tunk of the body that spread to the arms?
Did you get tested for syphilis?
After two months of my Dr not knowing and them now checking for syphilis, he's been replaced. When I walked him through the complete two months he said, 'well it seems like it would be syphilis especially with whats on your tonsil. A chancre. Something he looked at several times and dismissed.
I hope I did not scare you, but your symtoms was what I've been experiencing.

Gay LDS Actor said...

Hey, Devon,

I had no rash at all. It definitely wasn't syphilis either. It was determined to be viral, but was not associated with any type of venereal disease.
Mine went away on its own eventually. Hope yours does too because those cankers suck!
Good luck. Sorry I can't be of more help.