Friday, September 21, 2012

Some Old Photos That Caught My Eye

I posted a few months ago about how much I love looking at old photographs.  Here are four I found in an antique store in Utah the other day that intrigued me:

I just thought this lad quite was quite striking and handsome, and I just find his face rather beautiful.  It's like I said in the post linked up above: I'm always amazed at how photos can almost literally capture a moment in time.  This young man is dead and gone, but here his youth and vitality is preserved forever.

 This lady fascinated me.  I like how mannish she looks and her outfit.

 She looks like a linebacker.  And so serious.

 The hairstyles on these two sisters(?) kill me.  I love it!  I'll bet they were quite stylish and vogue for their time.  I also like their expressions (particularly the one on the right).
 This is a group of school children taken in a classroom, it would seem.

The boy in front with the glasses particularly caught my eye.  Not sure why.

Anyway, I just thought I'd share some of my finds.

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