Friday, March 08, 2013

Feeling Blessed

After four months of unemployment and who knows how many resumes and job applications, I have finally been offered a job.  It is an on-call position as a theater usher, but it does have the potential to become a permanent position.  Although it is not an acting job per se, it does involve some performing and improv (the ushers are characters who set the mood for the patrons before they see the show).  Because I'm starting out on the bottom, it may be a bit of time before I make any real money, but I am still excited about it.  The pay is not bad (if you work often), there are health and pension benefits, and it has the potential to be a stable, permanent job.  I think it will be something I enjoy doing.  I hope so anyway.  In any case I am looking forward to it and frankly, at this point I'm just happy to have any kind of job.  My unemployment runs out soon.

Coincidentally (or not-so-coincidentally (I don't believe in coincidences), after 6 months of unemployment, Jonah was offered a temporary job that paid about $1,000 and was also offered an on-call position as a dresser at a local theater.  It also has potential to become more permanent. 

These jobs are not ideal, but we are extremely grateful to have them, and they at least relate to our skill set and interests. 

Things are looking up.


ControllerOne said...

Good looks and hard work finally pay off! Congrats. Onward and upward.

LCannon said...

I really wish you could get a job recording books, stories - especially voice changing stories. I'm trying to read one with Jenna right now - and she'll have to provide two of the voices as my characters tend to all sound the same after I while - even if I give them accents.
You are so multi-talented. I don't know why you haven't been snatched up.

Dean Scott said...

Congrats to both of you. Jobs are a real challenge in this economy.

Miguel said...

Congrats--personally I couldn't not imagine a more stressful time than not having a job (even if I was getting unemployment) but I'm glad things are looking up for you guys with all else that has been going on.