Sunday, April 21, 2013

Wow, That Was Fast

I mentioned here that we put Mom's house up for sale.  Two days later we had a bid on it.  We put the house up at $209,500 expecting maybe a bid of $195,000-$199,000, but the offer was for $205,000, which we took.  While the sale isn't final and while I am well aware anything can happen when it comes to selling and buying houses, I feel confident that the sale will go through, and apparently so does the family who is buying as they attended my mom's ward today and introduced themselves and acted as though the sale was a done deal.

I don't know them nor have I met them, but apparently they live in Mom's former stake and wish to stay there but needed a bigger house.  They are a younger couple with two young boys (about 4 and 2 years old).

According to the couple, the house will be inspected on Tuesday.  I ask for all the prayers of you in blog-land that the inspection will go well, that there will be no unforeseen expenses, and that this sale will go through.  We need the money to pay for Mom's care.  I never thought I would be eager for Mom's house to be sold, but Mom is the priority, and to care for her we need this sale to go through, especially since this is a very good offer.

As for Mom, she seems healthy and happy, and for that I am enormously grateful.  Jonah and I hope to visit her at the end of May when the show for which I'm ushering goes dark.  I look forward to seeing her again.  I have missed her a lot, and I know she feels the same way.  It will be weird, though to go home and have no home to stay in as I have in the past.  :-(

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