Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Sad Tale Of Stripey

So Jonah's mother had this cat named Stripey.  Unlike Jonah and I, who consider our cats like children, to her Stripey was just a cat.

We found out a few days ago that she took Stripey to the shelter.

It made me so sad.  If we didn't already have three cats to care for and if we didn't think Stripey wouldn't have adapted well to her new living environment with us, we would have gone there and adopted her. 

I really liked that cat.  And I understand that with Jonah's dad having passed away, perhaps it's harder for Jonah's mom to care for Stripey in addition to the two dogs she already has (which were Jonah's dad's), but it was the matter-of-factness with which she was given away that upset me.  There was no remorse or sorrow.  She was just an animal.  But to me, who gets very attached to animals, it was like she had just given away her daughter.  Anyway, the whole thing was upsetting to me.  I wish we could take her on ourselves, but she's a wild cat, and ours are more domesticated.  Besides, three cats is already a lot.  Anyway, I'm just sad about it.

Not Stripey

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Miguel said...

It may be a cultural thing.

Back where I grew up a pet is just that--sure you feed it, you care for it and it does it for you sometimes but at the end of the day it is just a pet--I do remember thinking somewhat like that and would make fun of friends who treated their dogs/cats like children...before my family got a dog then it became my child, but to some people it is just that in the cultural sense not really a 'family member'.

I don't know if that makes any difference, I really don't think like that anymore and went hysterical once when my dog chased after a bigger dog and I lost track of him for about an hour, it was interesting to see how much having a pet was like having a child, I can't even watch Humane Society commercials without bursting into tears...