Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Speaking Of Crazy...

This blog post and this article were brought to my attention recently.

I have nothing against either woman.  They can believe whatever they want to believe and respond to it as they see fit (which they have done), but I must confess I do find their behavior a little nuts.

In the case of Well-Behaved Mormon Woman, who I have mentioned before here (and referred to as "an active Mormon who disapproved) and whose blog title sounds as self-righteous as she appears to be in her posts, Jonah and I were honestly flummoxed when we initially saw the title of her post, "Frozen: Not Gonna 'Let It Go' When Movie Advocates Gay Agenda."  We had both seen the movie and had no idea to what she might be referring.  You would think Jonah and I would know all about the so-called "gay agenda," but when I saw Frozen, none of the assertions she makes about the movie even crossed my mind.

Not once.

I've never been a fan of this particular woman's blog, although she is certainly entitled to believe whatever she wants to believe. Having read some of her previous posts, I am at odds with her in certain beliefs she has, but again, she can believe whatever she wants to believe (and does).

This latest post, however, just seems crazy to me. Once we started reading her arguments we at least finally understood what she might have read into the movie, but, in her own words, "I know what some think, because I questioned myself, initially, and I've heard it multiple times when even lightly expressing my feelings about the movie, with others. You think that I've read way too much into it, because I'm sensitive to homosexual issues, or perhaps a bit paranoid."

Indeed I do. Again, believe what you want to believe, but this just seemed nuts. The consensus among my friends who read the post (including one who is very much against gay marriage) was that, yes, this woman is reading way too much into the movie's message and might be just a wee bit crazy.

As for the woman who bought all the tee shirts, a friend wisely commented, "[I] wish I had $600 just to make a statement.  How about you teach your child what's appropriate and what's not, and buy $600 in groceries for the Ronald McDonald House."


LCannon said...

I can't believe how many people agreed with her - fortunately there were also comments from those that disagreed.
Perhaps somebody ought to write on her wall the lyrics to her favorite hymn and italic phrases or words that could also be scandelous.

Perhaps somebody ought to read parts of the old testament that she has probably ripped from her own Bible

Connie Babe said...

i read her post earlier and felt ill. i had asked my eldest daughter, who happens to be gay, awhile back about the gay character that i had heard about...cuz i knew all my daughters had gone to see that movie. she didn't have a clue what i was talking about. she was so happy that disney was teaching to not fall in love in the first minute...she said that's the big deal about that movie and what she loves about it.

i assume, that if there had been a 'gay agenda'...any of my daughters would have picked up on it.

and some people read her blog and think she's representing us... ug...she's not representing this mormon... thank you for addressing this...

Crisco said...


Brittany said...

I agree. LCannon is that short for Lee Cannon? I know him! :)

Gay LDS Actor said...

No, Brittany. LCannon is not Lee Cannon.