Monday, February 02, 2015

Clark Johnson

Clark Johnsen is an acquaintance of mine.  I've always liked him and many of his thoughts and philosophies echo my own experiences and way of thinking.  He's a good guy and I've often admired his views.

When I was dealing with my own coming out trials, he had some videos on YouTube called "A Gay Mormon Perspective" that were of great comfort to me and helped me feel less alone.

Clark recently did an interview with John Dehlin, and I liked much of what he had to say, particularly in the first episode.  Here are both episodes.  They are worth a listen, although there is some very strong language that some listeners may find offensive.  Watch and listen at your own risk.


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Miguel said...

I just finished watching these episodes. I give it two thumbs up and kudos to him for grabbing the right opportunities in his life. I enjoyed his candidness. Thanks for sharing this.