Sunday, January 31, 2010

Good Day At Church

Church was really good today. Very enjoyable.

Sacrament Meeting focused on adversity, and it was good stuff to hear. I haven't faced much adversity in my life compared to some people, and life is generally very positive. I do have financial worries, though, especially in this economy, and I have been feeling anxious about it, and I just felt like the talks today helped ease my anxiety and I feel if I just keep having faith, things will work out for my benefit.

I really enjoyed Sunday School, too. I so wanted to participate in the discussion today, but as an excommunicated member I can only listen. The subject concentrated on wayward children and how parents can deal with it. There were obviously many people there who had children that had made choices that were contrary to what the parents had hoped they would choose, and they obviously loved their children very much and felt pain regarding their children. But I didn't feel a lot of judgment coming from these parents regarding their kids; just a deep love and hope for their happiness.

All I wanted to say, really, was that parents need to respect their kids' free agency even if they make choices they disagree with. After all, isn't that what our Father in Heaven does with us? I also wanted to add that they need to love their kids unconditionally (which was brought up in the lesson) even if sometimes their kids' choices brought them pain and sadness. And I wanted to assure them that God holds these kids in His hands and is watching out for them and loves them. I wanted to say that the parents needn't blame themselves; sometimes kids are going to make the choices they make no matter what their parents have taught them. I wanted to say that in spite of their children wandering, that did not meant they were lost. Some guy in the group brought up the fact that all of us, too, will receive a degree of glory except the sons of perdition, and that should give us comfort. We talked about how no one is perfect. We all have weaknesses and sins, and in the end it is God, and no one else, who will ultimately judge us.

I really found the whole meeting very compossionate and spiritual. I also thought about my own situation. I am grateful for a family who, whether or not they agree with my choices, has shown me a great deal of love and support and has stood by me. I am grateful they see how happy I am and that they let my fate be in God's hands rather than judge me for my actions. I am grateful there is peace in my life.

I went to Priesthood only because it was a combined session with the Relief Society. Some guy spoke about the Church's 12-step program for addicts, which was was interesting, but didn't apply much to my own life.

Anyway, I really enjoyed it and just thought I'd write about it.

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Quiet Song said...

We also had a great talk on adversity. I would encourage you to find someone to share gospel discussions with in your ward. I always really appreciate it as a teacher or a commenter in class when someone calls or chats with me in the community about the lesson discussions. I used to call on people until it was pointed out to me that I was often calling on excommunicated members ( I had no clue who was and who wasn't!). But I appreciate their attendance, their friendship, and the warmth they show to me as a teacher as evidenced by their careful attention during class, their smiles and general demeanor.