Monday, February 01, 2010

Hey, Good Lookin'

Today's post is a completely frivolous post just for fun. I thought I'd post a bunch of celebrities (past and present) I find (or found) sexy or attractive. In no particular order, here they are:

1. Greg Evigan

I guess I should start with Greg Evigan since he's the first man I ever remember being attracted to. Although I'm not as attracted to him now as I was then, I can still see why I thought he was cute. This photo is from his days starring in the TV series "B.J. and the Bear," when I first laid eyes on him. That would have been around 1978, and although I didn't fully understand my feelings at the time (I would have only been 7 years old), I knew I found him attractive and interesting. He later went on to star with Paul Reiser on the TV comedy "My Two Dads."

2. River Phoenix

I knew I was gay by the time I saw River Phoenix in the 1986 movie Stand By Me. I would have been 15 then. I thought he was a great actor and incredibly good looking. I loved his film, Running On Empty. I had a major, major crush on him and was somewhat upset. His untimely death in 1993 (while I was serving my mission) was absolutely devastating to me. I weirdly felt as though I had lost a brother even though the real River Phoenix was very likely nothing like the image of him that I had created.

3. Sal Mineo

I remember seeing Rebel Without A Cause in a college acting class when I was 20 and being absolutely smitten by Sal Mineo. I had recently gained my testimony and was preparing to go on a mission, so I was trying to suppress and ignore my homosexual feelings, but I remember just being so in love with his eyes and his smile. I've tried to keep this post G-rated, but there is a really sexy picture of him out there in some movie where he's taking a shower.

4. Johnny Depp

Ah, Johnny Depp! What can I say? The man still looks just as great as he did when I really took notice of him in1990 in Edward Scissorhands. Of course I had seen and admired him on "21 Jump Street," but it was Edward Scissorhands that caused me to fall in love with his talent and not just his face. He remains one of my favorite actors. I admire his daring choices and his conviction to be his own man. I think he's sexy in anything he's in.

5. Orlando Bloom

Johnny's co-star in The Pirates of the Caribbean doesn't have his talent, but he's still nice eye-candy. I first noticed him in the Lord of the Rings trilogy as Legolas the Elf and thought he had such striking features and such a perfect face. I enjoyed him in the Pirates movies as well and I could watch Troy over and over just to watch a very sexy scene he has with actress Diane Kruger. As an actor, he seems like kind of a one-trick-pony to me, but he's fun to look at.

6. Jensen Ackles

7. Matt Cedeno

Jensen Ackles and Matt Cedeno were both on the soap opera "Days of Our Lives" which I used to watch religiously until I finally realized what an incredible waste of my life it was. Jensen is now on a TV show called "Supernatural," which I don't watch. I'm not sure where Matt Cedeno is now. In any case, I loved Matt Cedeno's exotic, Latin look (I actually believe he's of Cuban descent), and Jensen Ackles just had this sexy all-American-boy look, and I thought his lips were to die for.

8. Ian Somerhalder

I think Ian Somerhalder came to my attention in the 2002 movie The Rules of Attraction. I just like his pretty-boy model looks. He later starred in one of my favorite TV shows, "Lost" (the last season premieres tomorrow, y'all! Who's excited? I am!), and he now has a role on a show I haven't seen called "The Vampire Diaries."

9. James Franco

I first took notice of James Franco in the wonderfully written television series "Freaks and Geeks." I think he's a great actor and has a killer smile. I enjoy everything from his independent films to his blockbuster films such as the Spiderman trilogy.

10. Montgomery Clift

When it comes to classic actors, nobody holds a candle to Montgomery Clift as far as brooding sexuality and mysteriousness. He absolutely captivates me no matter what I see him in. Even after his face-scarring car accident in 1956, he was still beautiful to watch. His was a tortured soul, but one full of charm and charisma.

11. Horst Buchholz

Younger audiences may know him from Roberto Begnini's 1997 film Life Is Beautiful as the old German Begnini's character serves in the restaurant, But I was mezmerized by a much younger Buchholz's performance in 1960's The Magnificent Seven. He is so, so handsome!

12. B.J. Novak

For me, B.J. Novak (who plays Ryan on TV's "The Office" is not so much sexy as he is just plain cute. I remember the first time I saw him and just thinking I could eat him up.

13. Apolo Ohno

I'm not much of a sports fan, but speedskater Apolo Ohno is quite a good-looking lad. I don't tend to watch the Olympics at all, so I probably only took notice of him because he was here in Utah in 2002 for the Winter Olympics and the coverage was unavoidable. I just remember thinking he had such a great smile (still does) and I loved his boyish enthusiasm.

14. Taylor Kitsch

Taylor Kitsch is on one of TV's best-written, best-acted, but not very well-know dramatic series, "Friday Night Lights." He exudes sexiness and charm. He plays the bad boy with a heart of gold, and I love watching him.

15. Roddy McDowall

One of my favorite actors growing up, he was in everything from Bedknobs and Broomsticks to the Planet of the Apes movies to The Poseidon Adventure to "Lassie" to "Batman" to "The Carol Burnett Show." The first thing I actually remember seeing him in was a terrible movie (but one of my favorite guilty pleasures) in 1979 called Scavenger Hunt, although I'm sure I must have seen him before then. I loved his British accent and thought he was so handsome and debonair. If I knew Roddy McDowall was in a movie or TV show, I would watch it just to see him.

Anyway, that's my lineup of sexy guys. Hope you enjoyed it.


A Gay Mormon Boy said...

I must agree with BJ Novak and share that my facebook pic this week is of Jensen Ackles who is apparently my celebrity look-alike.

Kengo Biddles said...

It's interesting to see folks's tastes, and how facially they look so similar - I mean, look at the first two on your list - they're virtually the same.

Interesting, all around.