Saturday, September 17, 2011

Finding The Positive

So yesterday I had a callback for a show I auditioned for. I was really excited about it. I did really well at my initial audition. In fact, I think it’s one of the best auditions I’ve ever had in my entire theatrical career (and I’ve auditioned a lot!).

The room was filled with people I know and have worked with. So I felt like I was auditioning for friends. I wasn’t even nervous, really, which raely happens.
I sang a song from the show. Typically, I don’t do that, but with this crowd, I felt I could, and besides, I wanted to show them that I could play a specific part.

When I had been warming up in the car, my voice was having a hard time placing the high Gs in the song, but when I sang it in the room, it came out effortlessly and well-supported. I really nailed it and felt so good about it. All three members of the creative team seemed impressed and pleased. The musical director said, “That was really great, [Cody].”

Anyway, they gave me sides for the character I was interested in as well as the some others.

So today, even though I had to be there at the way-too-early hour of 9:00 AM, I was excited. As I went out to my car, I removed the sun shield I put on my windshield and discovered that someone had very deliberately smashed my windshield with a rock or baseball bat. I couldn’t believe it! I was in a hurry, though, and no longer felt it was safe to drive my car, so I asked my mom if I could borrow hers and asked if she would mind calling Technaglass to replace my windshield while I was auditioning because I am going home tomorrow and didn’t want anything to derail my plans to be there on time. Jonah has waited too long.

In my haste, however, I took my car keys and left my phone. My mom couldn’t get into the car to give them the information about the make and model of my car, and her messages to me went unheard because I didn’t have my phone.

It was my desire to have someone from Technaglass come over to the house and replace the windshield, but by the time I got home, there were no more mobile appointments left and I had to risk driving my car into the shop. Both the lack of visibility and the fact that my windshield could shatter even more made this somewhat unsafe, but I prayed I’d make it okay and did, fortunately.

Technaglass was able to make the repair in an hour, but now I’m out $170 that I wasn’t planning on spending, and in this economy, especially since I’m unemployed again, that isn’t so great.

I filed a report with the police, although, as I suspected, there isn’t much they can do. However, I did find out that the car of a nearby neighbor who I don’t know was broken into and some baseball equipment was stolen, including a bat, which is what I imagine the perp (or perps) used to shatter my windshield.

The policeman, who was very nice, also said it was good that I made the report because now at least they know of the possible connection and know to more carefully canvas the area, and if the perp is, by some miracle, caught, perhaps there can be renumeration.

But I just don’t get the senselessness of it. I’m sure it’s probably some kid who isn’t fully conscious of the cost or inconvenience he or she causes in a moment of abandon. I’ve never understood what joy or gratification one gets from willfully destroying another’s property. It doesn’t even appear that the perp was trying to break into my car; they probably only damaged my windshield for kicks or out of misplaced anger. I wish that person understood the consequences of his or her actions, and I wish that person wasn’t finding themselves in a situation or circumstances where taking a bat to someone’s car is somehow gratifying.

I’ve already forgiven the person, and I’m moving on. What else can I do?

And as I sat outside at Technaglass waiting for the repair, I tried to think of what positive things have come out of this experience.

Here’s what I came up with, in no particular order:

1. At least it was just my windshield, and not my headlights or hood or other parts of my car.

2. At least they only shattered the passenger side, making it easier for me to drive to get it repaired.

3. At least they didn’t steal anything in the car (not that there was much to steal) or the car itself.

4. At least the windshield, although shattered, remained intact. This both made it slightly safer to drive and also kept the elements out because it did rain last night. It also prevented the perp from getting into my car (although he or she probably could have if they’d givin it another whack).

5. At least I was able to get my car into the show today (a Saturday, no less) and get it fixed.

6. Yeah, it was a $170 repair, but at least it wasn’t $200 or $300

7. At least I have money in savings to cover the cost.

8. At least the windshield didn’t shatter when I drove to get it repaired.

9. At least my new windshield is cleaner (although I think taking it to the car wash would have been a cheaper alternative than taking a baseball bat to my car.

10. At least I no longer have to worry about the chip that was in my old windshield.

11. At least my plans to go back home to Jonah tomorrow remain intact.

12. At least it was a nice day outside while I was waiting for my windshield to be repaired.

13. At least I have a 12-month warranty on the windshield should this happen again any time soon.

14. At least I was able to make a police report and was able to make a connection as to why this might have happened.

15. At least the vandal didn’t vandalize anything else of mine or my Mom’s.

Anyway, that’s what I came up with. I think it’s pretty good, considering.

As for my audition callback, it went well. The dance call was my weak spot, as is always the case, but at least I have the comfort of knowing that the choreographer knows my limitations and has worked with them before. I also know the director really likes working with me, so that could work in my favor.

I also felt my acting made up for what I lack in dancing. In fact, I felt I was one of the stronger actors there, and I think that will be important. The callback group was smaller than average, too, so that increases the odds of getting cast. I actually feel really good. I’m very optimistic that I will be hired. And if not, more time with Jonah, right?

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