Sunday, October 09, 2011

A Vibrant Aunt And An Uplifting Meeting

Yesterday was my great aunt's 90th birthday. She looks and acts great. If I didn’t know how old she was, I’d put her 20 years younger. If I ever live that long, I hope I’m as sharp and fit as she is. My cousin hosted it at their very nice house in Salt Lake, and my other cousin made the cake, which was, of course, awesome (she also made Jonah's and my wedding cake). It was fun to chat with relatives and celebrate my aunt's birthday. Some of her golfing buddies were there. I asked when the last time she had gone golfing was. She said about three weeks ago. Amazing and terrific!

When we got home, I took a nap and then my mom and I played Scrabble. I also used our elliptical machine, which I have missed and greatly needed after gaining all this vacation weight (I promise I'll post about my trip soon).

I watched SNL (last night's with Ben Stiller) and watched the Hulu one from last week (with Melissa McCarthy (who was hilarious)) during the commercials. The latter one was tons better.

Today was church, and I didn’t feel too tired when I woke up. A neighbor taught the lesson (about Ezra Taft Benson’s talk on pride), and I really enjoyed it. It was a nice discussion.

Testimony meeting was good. A lot of people spoke that didn’t normally speak, and that was refreshing. A kid who was visiting gave an amazing testimony and didn’t once say “I know the Church is true.” I don’t remember exactly what he said in its place, but how I felt when he said it impacted me strongly. It was something along the lines of "living the gospel bringing us closer to Heavenly Father." I thought that was a better way of putting it. What does "I know the Church is true" even really mean? It's kind of an abstract statement.

A kid I really admire also gave a nice testimony about seminary and the impact the young men leaders have had on him. I really felt his love for the gospel. Another woman gave a talk about how one can never truly retire from the church and that we are always needed no matter where we are in life. There were some kids who gave testimonies, and that’s fun. One kid talked about how we are never alone even when we think we are. There are people on the other side helping us, including our Father and Elder Brother. Our bishop gave a testimony about how he was at a conference for bishops and stake presidents and how people had received answers to questions that weren’t even openly discussed because the Spirit was present so strongly. One lady talked about how she was used to singles’ wards and was still getting used to the sounds of kids in our ward, but that she admired how the parents were dealing with sometimes rambunctious children in a Christ-like way. Another friend also talked about how much she had enjoyed the youth of the ward, who I must admit are pretty outstanding. There were other testimonies, but those were the ones I remember the most. It was quite a spiritually uplifting meeting.

When my mom and I returned home, I packed my things in preparation to head back home to Jonah. Mom is with me and will spend a week and two days with Jonah and me. I thought it might be nice for her to get away, and I thought it might also be nice to give my newly wed niece and nephew-in-law a bit more time alone as a newly married couple.

My mom and I have stopped in Cedar City for the night. I have an audition with the Utah Shakespeare Festival tomorrow. I really hope I do well. Even more, I hope this will finally be the year I am cast. I would like to spend next summer closer to my home, and I also would like to perform in something different than what I usually do for the summer (although I'm very blessed to have that job). I’ve always wanted to work for the Utah Shakes, and the contract and pay are good. I’m hoping that the new artistic directors will take to me more than the previous casting director did. I guess we’ll see what happens. All I can do is my best. Wish me luck.

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