Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Continuing to Dance With Crazy

I'm watching the election results right now.  Not sure why.  I'm not going to know anything until this time tomorrow...or next week...or in a month or so if we have a repeat of the Bush/Gore debacle.  I guess I'm an election junkie.  This one looks to be a nail-biter.

I wrote on Facebook today, "I am grateful for the opportunity we have to live in a country where we are free to voice differing opinions and make our voices heard by voting our consciences. Whether you support him or not, I am grateful for many of the things President Obama has done while in office. There are still many more things that can be done, and I hope regardless of who ends up being elected that we can put partisan differences aside and figure out how to work together to solve our country's problems."

If Mitt Romney is elected, life will not end.  I think we may take certain steps backward, but no matter who is elected, I am optimistic that the country will pull through as it always has.

My crazy French friend certainly doesn't feel the same if Barack Obama is reelected.  She wrote,  "Until today perhaps! But if you could see Europe and what has been happening in France for six months, you would understand how your country is in danger from the one you love [Barack Obama]. The same tactics, the same subtleties, the same hate, the same divisions, the same lies, the same cover-ups, the same glory for destructive dream, the same aggressiveness and especially values ​​that are far from God.  

"That's all I can discern and that many others can discern. The freedom that you hold dear will be no more, my dear friend.  France is currently suffering and we go straight to what represents the face of addiction and hatred. This social democracy and community are just a trap to lead to the loss of a country losing its identity. History teaches us and believe me, France knows something about it.

"[Obama's] ideas and revenge are deadly. For four years, he has not kept his promises. People are  currently suffering in New York and New Jersey. The press is governed by the Obama administration and says what [the administration] wants it to say and not say. These people are suffering from cold and are abandoned. They only help themselves but among them there are emergencies that are not being helped. They are angry and are dying. What is Obama doing for them???  

"These sources are people I know directly. No access to generators ... etc! Obama is a fraud and does not show courage and efficiency. Another storm is coming and these people are still without without protection. My heart weeps for your country and mine."

She just comes across as kind of loony.  Look, I know Obama isn't perfect, but my friend makes him sound like the devil, and I just find it makes my friend look overly-paranoid and crazy.  

I wrote back, "Stop, [my friend]!  I know your opinion.  I disagree.  The policies of a Mitt Romney administration will return us to a time similar to that of George W. Bush, and I thought it was terrible.  Nobody's perfect, but a Mitt Romney presidency will not be good and will take us backwards, in my opinion.  There are so many things you accuse Barack Obama of [not just in this post] that simply aren't true.  They are based on information that is not completely correct or downright false.  You have your opinion; I have mine.  I love you a lot, but let's just agree to disagree.  You won't convince me that the lies spread by Barack Obama's enemies are true."

She responded, "Sorry [Cody], this is not a matter of opinion, it's just a matter of freedom, independence and personal experiences through communism and Marxist ideas. I've judged for myself and according to the values ​​that I hold onto more than anything and which correlates with my respect for Christianity.  

"Nobody is perfect, but I see there is one who can do better and another worse. It is a question of trust  that is felt very strong and deep down inside (you know what I mean). There are facts too repetitive and too malicious from the media that are supported by the government. Too many hidden things not clear and not accurate. An attitude of blame, covering up things or revenge are not the traits of a head of state. The information is there, you just discern for yourself through actual facts and sources consulted. 

 "All that I see in the press here or [in the US] are only very dirty arguments and lies against a person who is good and correct in his language, his life and his success [She's talking about Mitt now].  Love for his country is more important than division and hatred. I think we need to give the truth of what is true or not a chance and know for oneself between right and wrong from credible sources. I don't want to convince .. It's up to us to discover the man and his party. I'm not trying to convince you, but just warn you about what is important to understand through shared experiences that are affecting France and Europe more through these ideas of dependency. It does not work anywhere, it's a disaster. These same criteria are mirrored in what has happened these past four years [in the USA]. 

"Freedom is too precious and I fear that Obama does not take that into account.  It was the president who has spent more than all the others to put laws into action that threaten human values, work and prosperity. I'm your friend and it is just that that pushes me to open this debate. We have the freedom to choose. This is most important is that we can both still keep.  Your friend. Take care. :)"

 Look, she certainly has a point about the dangers of dependence on the government.  I'll give her that.  But it just seems so black and white to her, and that is the danger.  I don't think either Mitt Romney or Barack Obama are all good or all bad.  They both have strengths and flaws.  I just know of the two who represents me and my interests best, and that is who I've already voted for.  When someone views a man in such black and white terms without any room for nuance or error, I have a hard time taking their arguments seriously, especially when many of the sources that have been cited are highly biased and, in several cases, just plain false.

I wish my friend well, but I just can't get on board her train to CrazyTown.

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