Wednesday, December 01, 2010

50 Things I Am Not Fond Of

I've seen variations of this on other people's blogs, so I thought I'd contribute my own. In no particular order:

1. Learning choreography. I don't dislike dancing, but because dancing doesn't come naturally to me, learning dance steps is always more frustrating than fun.
2. People who talk too loudly in places I think should be more quiet (i.e movie theaters, libraries, backstage during shows, etc.)
3. Cell phones. I think they are a necessary evil. I resisted getting one for a very long time and use it sparingly now that I have one.
4. Talking on the phone, period. I'd rather talk face-to-face.
5. Making small talk at parties, especially with people I've just met. Sooooo uncomfortable, although I'm getting better at it.
6. Soggy bread. This is ironic since I enjoy dipping bread in gravy or spaghetti sauce, but if bread gets wet with water, forget it! It's a textural thing.
7. Rude people. I think we can afford to be more polite to each other.
8. The fact that no matter what line I get in at the checkout counter, it's always the one with the longest waiting time.
9. My innate laziness. I could get so much more done in life if I would just work harder.
10. Bodily fluids. They gross me out somewhat.
11. People who look for reasons to get offended.
12. Narrow-mindedness.
13. Inconsiderate people at the movies. I swear, I wish I had my own screening studio.
14. Slow internet service
15. Doing anything mechanical. I am inept.
16. Exercise. It makes me feel better and makes me more fit, but I don't enjoy doing it.
17. People who try to force their belief system on other people.
18. "Girls Gone Wild" commercials. They are tacky and sexist.
19. Scraping frost off my windshield.
20. People who speed up when you put on your turn signal.
21. Driving in blizzards or in rain at night.
22. Bruised or mushy bananas. Again, a textural thing.
23. Divas. I don't care how talented you are or how talented you think you are, if you're not treating those around you with respect, I'm not a fan.
24. Going to the dentist. I feel like my mouth is being raped!
25. The sound of metal scraping against metal or concrete. It's "nails on a chalkboard" for me.
26. Bratty kids
27. Getting up too early
28. The Barenaked Ladies. Every time I hear one of their songs on the radio, I switch the station. Every time. I. Can't. Stand. Them.
29. Looking for a parking spot at the University of Utah.
30. Being sick. I turn into the most pathetic human being on earth when it happens. I pity who has to tolerate me when it happens.
31. Sports. Sorry, sports fans. I just couldn't care less about the games you seem to find so fascinating. You probably feel the same way about the Tonys, so I guess we're even.
32. People trying to carry on a conversation with me while I'm trying to read. It's not that I have anything against you; I'm just...well, I'm just trying to read here.
33. People who want to be very conversational with me when I'm flying or riding public transportation. I don't mind a "hi" or a smile, but it's rare that I meet someone on a plane or a bus that I really want to chat with.
34. Overly-bitter olives
35. Being in the mood for chocolate and only being able to find "crap" candy like Skittles and suckers and Jolly Ranchers
36. Washing dishes. I'd actually rather clean the toilet bowl. Honestly.
37. Spencer and Heidi Pratt. Why are they even famous?
38. Being a Democrat in a very Republican state
39. Potty humor. It's not at all what makes me laugh.
40. Hypocrisy, although I can be guilty of it as well.
41. The fact that I eat when I'm bored rather than eating because I'm actually hungry.
42. My lack of motivation. There are so many things I would like to do, but just can't seem to motivate myself to actually do them.
43. People who use religion as a way to oppress or show hate. That flabbergasts me.
44. Dry heaving. I'd rather just throw up.
45. Allergies
46. Crowds
47. Spicy food
48. When the inside of my ear or the back of my throat itches. Because, really, what can you do?
49. Arrogance
50. Being too cold. Being hot is annoying, but being cold is physically painful to me.


apronkid said...

2, 13- Seeing movies is a semi-sacred experience for me, and more often than not, my fellow audience members get on my nerves. (You'd of thought I saw HP7 with a pack of baboons.)

33- I completely understand this.

50- The cold is sooo much worse than heat.

Corey said...

my biggest thing is going to have to be 50.
i would rather die in a fire than freeze to death.

no even kidding.