Friday, March 11, 2011

Horchata - Elixir Of The Gods

I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned it, but Jonah is Hispanic. A popular drink in his culture is horchata. If you don't know what horchata is (I didn't), it's a rice-based drink with cinnamon in it. Jonah and I were at a Mexican restaurant a few months ago, and he told me I ought to try it. So I did.


How can I describe it? It kind of tastes like a liquid form of rice pudding or custard or tapioca (all of which I love). I can't really explain it. I just know it's delicious.

Trouble is, now I'm addicted to it. (That's all I need. I'm already addicted to ice cream.) And horchata is not the cheapest of beverages. Now I'm drinking it like water. I can go through a half gallon in a day if I'm not careful.

Even worse, it's fattening. (Of course it is! Everything I love to eat or drink is fattening.)

Anyway, I've gotta be careful. I'm already turning into a blimp. I've gained at least ten pounds since I've been home with Jonah. (Sidenote: I ran up and down our stairs tonight to get some exercise and discovered just how incredibly out of shape I am. I thought I was going to die!)

Anyway, I thank Jonah very much for introducing me to horchata and also curse him forever for introducing me to horchata.



Kiley said...

I am not in love with local horchata, but I got hooked on it in Spain. In Spain they don't make it from rice. They make by straining water through chufa seeds/nuts.

I have actually researched where to buy chufa so that I can make it myself...

Miguel said...

mmmmmh, Horchata is yummy but yeah the sugar content in it makes me dizzy with diabetes! Have you tried the other mixed drinks, guava, mango and the hibiscus flower one too (jamaica?)


The secret? Make it from scratch (dirt cheap), but reserve it for Sunday/special meals. :)

Gay LDS Actor said...

I haven't tried those other drinks, Miguel.

Oh, great, DCHARRISON, just what I need. That's like giving a meth addict the recipe for meth. lol. Seriously, though, thanks. I'll have to try it out.

Original Mohomie said...

Ha ha, I love a good horchata, too. I love how the local Salvadorian restaurant employees warn me theirs isn't like Mexican, and I tell them every time not to worry, I like it as well. And mmmm, jamaica...but it has to be made well/from scratch.