Monday, April 11, 2011

Amusing (To Me, At Least)

Every time I pass this building in Salt Lake City, I smile:

This is a nightclub called Club Bliss (previously called The Bay). The reason that it makes me smile is that when I was a little boy, it used to be the insurance company where my dad worked. I actually have fond memories of it, though at the time it was in a sketchy part of town. Sometimes we would pick my dad up, and in his break room, there was a soda machine (the kind with bottles), and sometimes Dad would get me a Fanta Red Cream Soda.

It was a relatively small building, and later in my childhood, the company moved to another, much larger, building.

I guess what makes me laugh is the fact that this stodgy, very serious company was housed in a building that now houses a probably more vibrant, energetic nightclub. It just makes me laugh. I doubt that my father or his coworkers would ever have imagined that the place of their business would become a nightclub.

It just amuses me.

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