Thursday, February 16, 2012

No Valentine's Day Miracle This Year

You may have read my post last year about the miracle of free chocolate. I was hoping that same business would give away free chocolate this year, but alas, no. Instead, this year you had to earn points to get the chocolate. Where's the miracle in that?

To their credit, that same business is holding a contest to give away some free cars and cash, and my valued customer card earns me ten free entries for that, but the chances of winning are nothing compared to the guaranteed free chocolate of last year.

Jonah and I had a nice, but low-key Valentine's Day. I bought him a Grace Kelly Barbie doll he really wanted (he collects them), and he was thrilled with it. Jonah bought me a Star Wars t-shirt, some really nice fashion underwear, Stephen King's latest book, 11-22-63, which I've been dying to read, and a box of chocolates emblazoned with Darth Vader's face. The book was the best surprise of all.

We went to a local buffet to eat, which was nice. Jonah had to work that night, so we didn't do much else. Still, it was a very nice Valentine's Day.

On another, completely unrelated, note, I recently discovered that two good friends of mine have divorced. They seem to be on excellent terms, and I am not sure what the reasons were for their decision, but it kind of broke my heart. They were one of those couples I just felt were perfect for one another and that their marriage would last forever. I guess that's why it's heartbreaking: a couple who seems perfect for each other can't make it work.

Of course, what an outsider sees and the reality of the relationship are often two different things. One never really knows what's going on except the people involved. But it's been another relationship in a series that have ended in divorce. This couple was together for 9 years. Other friends who I thought would last forever (one after an 11 year relationship, another after 5 years) have split up as well. It just makes me sad. Like I said, I don't know the details, so maybe they're all for the best, but it depresses me when couples that seem to be a shining example of what marriage should and can be split up.

As I was lamenting about this, Jonah said, "Well, sometimes it happens."

I said, "I know. I just hope it never happens to us."

Jonah said, "Well, I'm not going anywhere."

I said, "Well, I'm not either."

The scary part is that I'm sure the people in those relationships said that at one time, too.


Sulli said...

LOL - I remember the free chocolate post from last year. Too bad about this year.

I'm glad you guys had a good day!

Duck said...

I, too, remember your post from last year about the free chocolate. Free chocolate- now, THAT is something to write about! :)

I, too, feel sad when people I know split up or divorce. It feels like "If they cannot make it work, who can?" I remember talking about this one day with my therapist. She is also gay and at the time, had been with her partner almost 20 years. She said that that is the nature of relationships- that things can change and one person decides to move on without the other. I do not know if she was that cavalier when her own relationship broke apart a year or so later. I felt very sad for her when it did happen.

I, too, am glad you and "Jonah" had a nice Valentine's Day. I did, too. :)

Happy night. Love and respect, always.

Gay LDS Actor said...

Thanks, Duck, for your thoughts and words. I really appreciate them.