Saturday, March 10, 2012

Jonah Needs More

I don't think I've ever said much about what Jonah does career-wise. Currently he is a wardrobe attendant (a dresser) for a pretty big show. For those of you unfamiliar with the theatre world, that means he helps actors put on their costumes backstage during the show and helps with quick changes or costume repairs.

Jonah is really good at what he does, and this particular job has been a real blessing for both of us, but it would be a lie to say that Jonah's dream job is that of "wardrobe attendant." Jonah is an artist and a performer, and that's really what he would like to be doing. Jonah is good at so many things. He could excel in so many different occupations: performing, interior decorating, flower-arranging, party-planning, making and selling art, costume design, gardening, etc. I sometimes marvel at how talented he is in so many things. I think I'm a good writer, a good actor, a good public speaker, and a decent teacher, but I just think Jonah is capable of so many different things, and he's really, really good at them.

The job he currently holds, which he is also very good at, does not feed his artistic and creative nature, and it is admittedly hard for him to watch other performers perform while he sits on the sidelines hanging up and ironing costumes.

But he does his job well, is very diligent, and rarely complains. But I also know he is sick of his job and yearns to do something more fulfilling. Still, that being said, Jonah is typically optimistic and good-natured and I rarely hear him utter a word of envy.

So I was taken aback a bit this afternoon when Jonah said something that is quite uncharacteristic of him. Some of his friend who perform in the show he works for have been given the honor of singing backup for Jennifer Hudson, a singer whom Jonah admires a great deal. Jonah, who has a gorgeous voice, is certainly capable of singing backup for Jennifer Hudson (and actually, he's a better singer than some of the people performing in his show, truth be told). Anyway, I think he's gotten a little sick of hearing some of them brag about it.

As he were working on our yard this afternoon, he said something akin to "I'm just as good as them. I could sing backup for Jennifer Hudson. Instead, I've wasted six years of my life at this job."

I was only surprised because it's so rare to hear a jealous or self-pitying word from Jonah. Usually it's me who says stuff like that. For example, I've had friends in Broadway shows or acquaintances get jobs that I was up for that I felt more right for, and that's when the green-eyed monster of envy sometimes makes his appearance. But Jonah? He's not like that.

I actually stopped him (literally and physically stopped him) and said, "Hey. You have not wasted your life doing this job. This job is why you and I have a house together. I know it isn't what you want to be doing, but you have worked hard and worked well, and it will be over soon, and then you can move on to something else. But it hasn't been a waste."

Jonah's job ends in September. Who knows what he'll do next? Whatever it is, he'll be brilliant at it. I only help it will feed his creative soul and allow him to fly.

He deserves that.


LCannon said...

Wow! What an awesome tribute: allowing him to fly. And soar he will. Good luck to both of you

Anonymous said...

How sweet, you and Jonah are so supportive of one another. I hope someday soon he finds his corner of the sky to soar!

Gay LDS Actor said...

Me, too, Jonathan. Me, too.

Thanks, LCannon. ;-)