Tuesday, January 08, 2013

A New Tenant In The House

So I'd like you to take a look at these photos from Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom - The Las Vegas Spectacular:

And this one from the London production of Phantom of the Opera:

Now take a look at these photos from Jonah's and my front foyer:

Notice anything?

Yes, folks, that is indeed the statue at the bottom of the staircase in the "Masquerade" number from Phantom - the Las Vegas Spectacular.  Not a replica, but the real thing.  In our front foyer.

Jonah wanted it, and he got it.

Truth be told, I wasn't wild about this new addition to our home.  The statue is enormous, and although much of it is made of plastic and rubber, there is a metal pole that runs through the center of it that makes the statue very heavy.  I don't even know how Jonah got her in our garage in the first place. 

And the chandelier piece at the top is also quite heavy.  It was a bear reattaching it.

A friend of Jonah's came over and built the pedestal for it (since the original one was attached to a giant staircase) and put some electrical wire through the pole so that the top of the chandelier was a light in it.  Jonah will fill the rest of the chandelier with battery-operated candles. 

The statue is very tall, but we have vaulted ceilings, so it's not too bad.  I think it's about 14 feet tall, and the pedestal is about 3 feet square, so she's a big girl.  I'm glad we glued carpet onto the bottom of the pedestal; it makes it much easier to move her around.

Heaven forbid we should ever move from this house because she will not be easy to dismantle and remove.

Even though the statue is not my style and takes up some space, she does match the decor Jonah with which has decorated much of our house, and she'll be a great conversation piece.  Plus, she's finally out of the garage, which I'm thrilled about.

But most of all, the statue makes Jonah very happy.  It has sentimental value to him.  He always dreamed he would have it someday, and now he does.  And if Jonah is happy, I am happy.


Dean Scott said...

Enjoy :)

Colouratura said...

So much from the gorgeous Phantom Las Vegas set was demolished after the closing night. It was horrible seeing things in ruin. So I'm really glad to have stumbled upon your blog and find that this piece is one of the survivors! I used to love standing beside that statue on the staircase.

KTR said...

Oh my God, I just came across this post and I am so seriously jealous. Unfortunately, I missed the las vegas version. But I am always looking for Phantom stuff around the internet. If you guys ever wanna get rid of that thing, let me know!! I would totally buy it!!!
CBMForce@gmail.com. I hope you guys cherish it. That is sooooooooooooo freakin' cool!

KTR said...

Do you know of any other channels to obtain memorabilia from any of the productions? I would love to hear of them. Oh my god, I just can't get over that thing. That is so frickin' awesome!!!!!!

Gay LDS Actor said...

KTR, sorry for the late response. Life is super busy at the moment. If we ever do want to get rid of our lady (Isaias' call, not mine), I'll keep you in mind. I actually don't even know if we're allowed to sell it for copyright reasons.

I do not know of other ways to get memorabilia. I know Isaias knows another guy in town who got some of the stuff from the show. Isaias got a few other things as well including some chairs, some costumes worn by the stunt guys, the cover the covers the Phantom when he disappears at the end of the show, and a signed mask and programs.