Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Surprisingly, today's post has nothing to do with my mom.  Instead I would like to write about a friend of mine.  I have written about him before here, here, and here.

My friend went to prison about five years ago for a foolish mistake that took a man's life.  He has changed his life while incarcerated.  He is a better person, has been sober for quite some time, and has become more responsible....I thought.

During the last few months, Jake has been on a work-release program working a job as a waiter as well as serving as artistic director for a local community theatre company.  During this time, Jake has worked hard and was in the process of transitioning to house arrest.  Jake was going to move in with Jonah and I.  We have put in time and money into helping him get situated here and made him fully aware that while we are his friends, we would tolerate no screw-ups.

One things Jonah and I have worried about is that as Jake has gotten more freedom, we feel like he has gotten a bit more cocky.  Jake has always been one to skirt the rules and cut corners, and we were concerned that his pride and impatience at not being a fully free as he would like to be would cause him to do something stupid.

Apparently, he has, although we do not know any details at this time.  All we know is that last night the police came to his workplace and took him back to the prison.  He has been charged with a felony, although we do not know what he did specifically.

We do know that he did not abide completely by the rules.  We know that he was only to go to work and the prison, and we know he that he went to other places.  We also know he was caught with an iPad, which he wasn't supposed to have.

Needless to say, we are very disappointed in Jake right now.  Jonah just paid $250 (which Jake is supposed to reimburse) to pay for his ankle monitor; I paid to have a landline installed in our house because that was one of the requirements; our house has been inspected by the police to prepare for his move, and we have vouched for Jake; I was going to have to give up my mouthwash because there can be no alcohol (including mouthwash) in the home; we have moved much of his stuff from storage into our house and the extra rent money he was going to provide would have been useful.

Aside from any sacrifices and inconveniences, none of that really matters; we are just disappointed that his impatience has probably landed him back in prison for another couple of years with little chance for parole.  Like I say, we don't know any details and until we do, I can't really judge the situation.  But if my friend has slipped up because of his inability to abide strictly by the rules that govern him, it really upsets me.

He was so close to being free.  He would have had probably a few months of house arrest, and then we would probably be on parole for a bit, and then he would be free.  Instead he now likely faces two more years of incarceration.

I wish I were surprised.  Jake thinks rules are inconveniences and are meant to be broken.  Sometimes I wonder if he thinks this is all a game; that somehow he's entitled.  His actions caused a man's death and a family's loss.  I wish he would take his sentence more seriously.

It's very disheartening.  Jonah is especially upset.  He was very upset today - more upset than I have seen him.

Anyway, I don't know what's ahead for Jake, but I am feeling very disappointed in him right now.  I hope it's all a misunderstanding, but I fear it is not.

Anyway, that's what's up.

As for Mom, she still would like to go home, but I feel she is starting to adapt so I am grateful for that.

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