Saturday, April 29, 2006


I just wanted all of those of you who are glued to the happenings of my life and who read my blog with great anticipation (yeah, right!) that I have not dropped off the face of the earth. I just haven't had time to write. It's been an enormously busy week. My show just opened and my mom was in town, and it's approaching finals week here at school, so I just don't have time to write (and, really, nothing of great significance to write about).

My show has been very stressful as far as rehearsals go. It's been a fun show to work on, but is very technical (if one thing goes wrong, it's like a domino effect). The other night I forgot to switch on and off some lights, which affects a light cue, and so many things went wrong that night. Our director, who works both on and off-Broadway and all over the country, yelled at us and said we were better than that and that we couldn't let the show get out of our control because of stupid mistakes. He was right, but it was nerve-wracking. And because I am a perfectionist by nature, I felt bad that I had disappointed our director after such a good run the night before. Anyway, it's been a tough show.

However, we opened last night to great enthusiasm and applause, and even though there were mistakes made, I was very pleased. We have a mantra in our show, "The suck stops here," and although we know mistakes happen, we have resolved to do our best to make sure they don't, and if they do, we do what my director suggested in an ananolgy: "If you go through a red light in this play, don't stop. Yeah, you went through the red light and broke the law, but it's already done. Just keep going and don't dwell on it or let it affect the rest of the show."

We had a really nice opening night party last night. I hadn't seen Jonah in nearly a week because of our schedules, so it was great to see him. He'd had a really hard day at work. Things are stressful there. But I think being with each other lightened his mood. He and my mom hung out a bit, too, so that was nice.

People said really nice things about my performance, which really made me feel good. By all accounts I heard, people really seemed to enjoy the show.

Well, I've got some homework to do (which I'm obviously putting off :-) ) and a bunch of stuff to do today. I just wanted you to know that I'm still around and still posting when I can. I've been meaning to add comments to other bloggers' post, but haven't found time to do that either.

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Dave Walter said...

Congrats on the show, Cody!